Research Library: Mon–Fri 11–18, Sat 11–15 | Study Centre: Mon–Fri 10–18, Sat 12–16 | Film and Media Library: Mon–Thu 10–17, Fri 10–15
Research Library: closed until 25.07
Film and Media Library: closed until 22.08
Study Center: closed until 22.08

Study room

The Study Room is open every day from 7-23 and is meant for research and study.

The room seats 37 people and has 4 computers available as well as a printer.

Outside of study centre opening times (Mon-Fri 7-9 and 19-23, Sat 7-11 and 16-23, Sun 7-23) the study room can be accessed through a separate entry (Astra II floor, A206) using your registered ID card.

Please note! The separate entry is only accessible while the study centre is closed, otherwise you can enter through the main door of the study centre.

If you want to use books in the study room after the study centre has closed (Mon-Fri at 19, Sat at 16), you must first borrow them. Subject package materials can be borrowed overnight. Read the general rules for borrowing from the study centre here.

Things to remember when using the study room:

  • Use the room for studying and research.
  • Be considerate of others.
  • Keep things clean, organised and quiet.
  • When you leave, make sure the furniture and computers are as they were before you came.
  • Don’t leave your personal items (incl books) in the room overnight. Use the lockers only while the study centre is open. Make sure they are empty and take all your personal items with you when you leave for the night.
  • The study centre is not responsible for items left in the study room.

The room has CCTV.