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Citation Styles

References are considered an important part of academic information literacy. Student papers follow academic traditions and the structure of scientific texts, which presupposes correct, accurate and comprehensible references to the works and ideas of other authors. 

Different disciplines use different citation styles. In addition to the widely used APA – American Psychological Association – citation style, TLU institutes use the MLA – Modern Language Association – citation format, Chicago style, Harvard referencing or the citation style of the Tallinn University Press. Therefore, in the case of university-wide courses and projects, it is important to specify the required citation style for student papers. The general rule of citing is that a one citation style is used throughout the work, i.e. when using the APA style, the same style must be followed throughout the paper.

  • For more information on the APA citation style, visit the American Psychological Association official website at
  • Further information on the MLA style can be found on the Modern Language Association website
  • For more information on the Chicago style, see The Chicago Manual of Style at