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Open Research Data

Research data are data that are used as a primary source to support technical or scientific research, studies or artistic activities and that are used as evidence in the course of research and are generally considered necessary by the scientific community to validate research findings and results. Research data may include experimental data, observational data, operational data, data obtained from third parties, public sector data, monitoring data, processed data or newly acquired data.

Open research data is freely available on the Internet.

Numerous repositories have been set up to store research data. Information about the repositories and archives of research data is offered by  The Registry of Research Data Repositories: The Registry includes more than 1,300 repositories around the world. You can search by industry, data type, country, and access conditions.

In order for scientific data to be (re)usable, its management is important.

Research data management means the organization, documentation, storage and archiving of data to ensure access to and re-use of scientific data.

You will find the Tutorial for Research Data Management here: