Teadusraamatukogu: E–R 10–19, L 10–15 | Õpikeskus: E–R 9–19, L 11–16
Teadusraamatukogu: E–R 10–18, L 11–15
Filmi- ja meediaraamatukogu: E–N 10–17, R 10–15
Õpikeskus: E–R 9–19, L-11-16

New database: IGI Global InfoSci-Books

In March we had a testing period for a scientific publisher IGI Global databases. It was very successful and based on your feedback, the library bought a e-book database IGI Global InfoSci-Books, where you can find mainly information science and informatics materials.

We have access to the books published since 2015. Before starting to use them, please log in to library’s databases: http://www.tlulib.ee/index.php/en/resources/databases