Teadusraamatukogu: E–R 10–19, L 10–15 | Õpikeskus: E–R 9–19, L 11–16
Teadusraamatukogu: E–R 10–18, L 11–15
Filmi- ja meediaraamatukogu: E–N 10–17, R 10–15
Õpikeskus: E–R 9–19, L-11-16

New books in the library

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Once again, a large number of new books have arrived at the research library. You can find the list of new books in the ESTER catalogue. See something you like? Make your wish known at kojulaenutus@tlulib.ee so we can put you on the waiting list.

List of new e-books here in the ESTER catalog.