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Anu Soojärv “Messing around”

WHAT: Illustration exhibition “Messing around”
WHO: Drawings by Anu Soojärv, curating by Eve Kiiler
WHERE: The second floor gallery of the TLU Academic Library (Rävala 10, Tallinn)
WHEN: Starting from 28th of September 2022 till 16th of November

Anu Soojärv. The annual Tallinn ice ballet show starring all pedestrians

To mess around – to spend time doing various things that are not important, without any particular purpose or plan

Anthills are always fascinating to observe. At least until those ants scurrying on the ground discover you and start biting. An observing eye will eventually discern thousands and thousands of ants in that teeming, swarming pile. They are messing around continuously like tiny needles trying to stitch their anthill through and through. All day the ants are scampering back and forth along their little paths, sometimes meeting a mate on the way, sometimes missing a mate just by a few seconds. At times you can see them carrying stuff, even as a team when the cargo is too heavy – maggots, pieces of leaves or bark, dead bugs, parcels, furniture, cats in their carriers and so on. And imagine – sometimes they are carrying their eggs – in order to evacuate offspring from danger or escort them to kindergarten or to a hobby group. In the case of rain, the critters will pull up their collars, open umbrellas and run to find a shelter. All the doors and windows of the anthill will be closed immediately to prevent the rain from getting in. People are indeed fascinating to observe. It’s interesting to witness all that is going on in this huge human anthill – all this endless messing around.

Anu Soojärv (b. 1983) is a museum worker and a cultural heritage conservationist graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, who loves to write and doodle. She has been messing around with her pen a lot over the past five years or so, deriving inspiration from bus stations, from her walks, from standing in lines. From her observations in general.

You are welcome to visit the first solo exhibition of Anu Soojärv. You will find it in the second floor gallery of the TLU Academic Library (Rävala pst 10, when in the lobby, turn left from the ceramic mural and up the stairs).

Anu Soojärv. The curse of the gatherer