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Research Library: Mon, Thu 12–19, Tue, Wed, Fri 10–17
Study Centre: Mon–Fri 10–17

Rules of Use of the Academic Library of Tallinn University

By the Director’s Order
No 15 from June 14th, 2017

  1. General provisions

1.1. Academic Library (hereinafter library) of Tallinn University (hereinafter university) rules of use stipulate the libraries regulations in the research library, study centre and branch libraries.

1.2. The library is open for everybody who needs its services.

  1. User registration

2.1. You can register as a user at the information centre of the research library. A person has to submit an identification document for registration.

2.2. During registration, the user can select either the ID-card (free of charge) or library user card (university student or employee based on student card or employment certificate is free of charge; in other cases registration fee established by the relevant directive of the director is applied) as proof of user’s rights.

Users starting from 16 years of age can be registered as library users, valid ID-card and student card have to be submitted.

In order to get the right to check materials out, a proof of secondary or higher education, student card or employment certificate of a university has to be submitted additionally.

2.3. For patrons under the age of 16 a one time visitor card will be issued. The visitor card is fee-charging and gives the right to use on-site library services during one day.

2.4. Issuing a duplicate of a library card is a paid service for everybody; a stolen card is replaced free of charge provided that a proof of the theft being reported to the police is submitted.

2.5. Upon registration, the user confirms with a signature on the registration card to comply with the libraries rules of use and of the awareness of the use of personal data to the extent stipulated in the rules.

2.6. User database is kept for the information regarding registered users. The data is used for rendering of services and for statistical analyses, where data is not associated with a person.

2.7. Data is deleted from the database 5 years after the library card’s expiration date.

2.8. User database is for internal library use only. Access to data is granted to the libraries service employees, who are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of user data. Access to third persons is granted in cases stipulated by the law.

2.9. The protection of personal data within the database is assured by technological means.

2.10. User data in the electronic library system is protected with a personal password.

2.11. Users residence data is checked by the library from the Estonian population register.

2.12. User must inform the library about changes in personal data or loss of the library card.

2.13. Registration enables to use all service points of the library.

  1. Use of the library services

3.1. Each user has the right to use library materials on library premises.

3.2. Materials can be checked out for a certain period of time by high school students and users with secondary and higher education.

3.3. Materials on open shelves may be used without a book request. Materials that can be borrowed are with special mark. Materials on open shelves can be checked in or out with self-service machine or at service desk.

3.4. Materials in the stacks can be ordered:

  • using a book request form;
  • electronically via e-catalogue ESTER.

3.5. Materials ordered are held in the reading room until the user needs them. Materials not used for a week are sent back to the stacks.

3.6. The library establishes due dates for materials according to item type, number of copies and intensity of use.

3.7. User can have up to 20 items of library materials checked out at a time.

3.8. The users are obligated to return borrowed library materials by the due date. If no other users have registered to use an item checked out, the loan term can be extended electronically via e-catalogue ESTER, in self-service machine, at service desk, by phone or e-mail.

3.9. Borrowed library materials can be checked in via self-service machine, at service desk or 24 h self check-in.

3.10. Users with unpaid debt cannot check out library materials.

3.11. Materials checked out or presented at a recent additions exhibition of the research library may be registered for borrowing. The user will be notified when the materials become available.

3.12. The following can only be used in the library:

  • rare publications;
  • deposit copies;
  • materials of high demand;
  • reference books in open collections;
  • newspapers;
  • maps;
  • master theses.

3.13. Literature not available in the library can be ordered from other Estonian (except Tallinn) and foreign libraries via interlibrary loan service (ILL). The user has to compensate ILL postal charges and cost of copies according to the services price list.

3.14. Electronic materials can be used at the computer workstations in the reading rooms or with the users own laptop in libraries wireless internet connection area. Members of the university can use their e-mail username and password to gain access to electronic materials outside the library.

3.15. Library users can submit requests to the consultants at the service points and to the subject librarians by phone or e-mail.

3.16. Library users training can be ordered via library webpage or by phone and e-mail of subject librarians. Library users training is free for members of the university, other users have to pay according to the price list.

3.17. The patron workrooms, personal and group study rooms can be reserved via library webpage.

3.18. The use of computers in the library is regulated by the rules of using computer workstations and WiFi user Instructions.

3.19. Services involving direct costs (copying, binding etc) are charged and have to be paid according to the price list.

  1. Internal rules

4.1. User has to have the library card or ID-card with him/her when visiting the library; the card cannot be given for use to other persons.

4.2. Compliance with the library’s internal rules, entrance to and exit from the reading area is checked by the security guard.

4.3. It is prohibited to:

  • enter a reading room in outdoor clothing and with bigger bags, except the laptop bag;
  • take materials out from the reading rooms without permission;
  • talk loudly, use mobile phones, eat or disturb other users in any other way in the reading rooms;
  • be on library premises, wearing obviously untidy clothing or while intoxicated.

4.4. Property of the library is protected by manned guard, video surveillance and electronic protective system of materials.

4.5. The library is not responsible for the safety of unsupervised items.

  1. Users responsibility

5.1. The user bears material responsibility for volumes, equipment or other property in his/her use. Inflicted damages have to be compensated to the library.

5.2. Users are obligated to follow the Copyright Law and use electronic materials made available by the library only for personal use for educational and research purposes.

5.3. Copying and distributing libraries electronic materials for commercial purposes is prohibited without the consent of the copyright holder.

5.4. Damaged or lost materials have to be replaced by the same publication or compensated in the amount stipulated by the library.

5.5. Materials not returned in time are subject to overdue fines according to the directive of the director.

User is obligated to follow the due dates of borrowed items. Advance notices, hold on items notices, and reminders of arriving and passed due dates are being sent from library system automatically. Library cannot ensure that automatic notices sent through e-mail will arrive to the user and the unreceived message do not absolve from overdue fines.

5.6. To collect the unpaid fines, the library has the right to use the services of a debt collection agency. In addition to unpaid fines the user must cover the expenses incurred by the debt collection agency.

5.7. In case of violation of these rules, the user’s right to use the library will be revoked for a specified or indefinite period of time. The period is designated by the Director of Library Services, considering the severity of the violation of rules and other associated circumstances.

Anu Iho
Collection Manager
June 9th, 2017