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Teadusraamatukogu: E–R 10–18, L 11–15
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Õpikeskus: E–R 9–19, L-11-16

New: journal One Earth

Library got access to a new hybrid open access journal, One Earth by CellPress. One Earth is a sister journal to research journal Cell and is quite new, since 2019. It publishes across the full spectrum of global environmental change and sustainability science, providing a single platform to unite research from the natural, social, and applied sciences. You can find the journal from e-journals and e-books catalogue Publication Finder and from e-catalogue ESTER. For remote access, select täistekst TLÜ arvutivõrgus and log in with your TLU account. For access from a library computer, select täistekst TLÜAR arvutivõrgus.

Enjoy reading!