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Nice to see you in Academic Library of Tallinn University!

To use our services in person, please register at the front desk of the main building (R├Ąvala pst 10, Tallinn).
All the books can be found using ESTER online catalogue (the search box is just above this text). You can also search articles and databases (select from drop down menu).
If you're a student, professor or work for Tallinn University, you can use a large selection of online resources,  like high grade scientific articles one can quote in your schoold work or research. Most of the databased have paid access, but through our web you can use all of that for free.
Please log in as TLU user in the Resources section of our web page and take advantage of the materials. If you're our reader, you can use the databases in the PC in our buildings, too.


Web-based reservation for group study and individual study rooms is possible for rooms located in Main library (R├Ąvala ave. 10) and in Study Centre (Narva road 29).

Tallinna ├ťlikooli Akadeemiline Raamatukogu, R├Ąvala pst 10, 15042 Tallinn | Tel 6659 439 | Faks 6659 400 |  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |